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“Get It Fixed By The Experts”


Hitachi TV Model: C2133TN (Nokia Stereo Plus) Chassis)
Very strong red content in the picture, sometimes the fault would clear with the strong red content fading until the correct greyscale was achieved
After much searching around i found the problem. There was a very small crack in the solder at RH23, this is a 2K4 surface mounted resistor located at the back of the tube base. Resoldering both sides of it cured the fault

Jvc TV Model: C-V14EKS/B/W (Onwa Chassis)
No Red
I was hoping the nvm had become corrupt and turned the red drive down but it was fine (To enter service mode press and hold vol up and vol down on the front panel and switch set on). Thankfully ZD405 (8V2) had expired (almost s/c) and removed the red

Sanyo Video Model: VHR776E
Check and replace PR512 (which is located towards the front right hand side)

Nikkai TV Model: BABY 10
No / int luminance
Poor contacts within the service switch

Sony TV (AE1 Chassis)
Field non linearity and short picture
Check / replace C531 (680uF, 25v), only slightly leaky, but a new one cured the fault

Philips Video Model: VR200
Unit not working, no FL display, ticking from PSU, head drum twitching
Electrolytic cap in PSU primary dried up (47uF, 50v)

Ideal/Slx TV Model: IDTV28T/IDTV28N/SLX28T2/28N (SM2 Chassis)
EW fault then set went dead (tripping), R711 on EW panel burnt
Check for dry joints on C620 (0.47uF, 250V), if dry replace then check Q602 and R618 (5K6). Also it is worth replacing Q580 anytime these sets come into the workshop with a BF422

Philips TV Model: 25PT4423 (L6.2 Chassis)
Stuck in standby, LED on, no HT
There may be no 5V to the microprocessor. Check R3509 and D6501. Replace R3509 with a 47k 1 Watt version (4822 053 10473). D6501 is type BZX79B5V6 (4822 130 34173). Check the +150 volt rail, 145V is too low

Rca TV Model: F27442 (CTC203AD5 Chassis)
No picture and sound, only a high pitch sound at switch on
Remove horizontal transistor and measure the resistance across any two pins. This value should be no less than 200ohms

Sony TV Model: KV-M2131U (BE1 Chassis)
Intermittent loss of syncronisation, both horizontal and vertical
The surface mounted power transistor on the teletext module requires resoldering. As there is evidence of scorching on the board the use of a more substantial component would be indicated perhaps with small heatsink

Samsung TV Model: CZ-21D83NS
Double picture or raster shifted
Check R414 (15K)

Sony TV Model: KV2565
Dead with H. output short circuit, replacment blows short again
First check power area and repair dry joints then change all high voltage (PF value) capacitors in the horizontal section, this fixed the problem

Mitsubishi TV Model: CT29B2STX
Various faults, dead, int. dead, poor frame, poor E-W
Change all electrolytic capacitors in the primary. Check all large electrolytics in the secondary (Ie bigger that 470uF), check all capacitors around IC950 (error amp.). Most capacitors you will find are leaking electrolyte. Might be a long job!!!

Sony Video Model: SLV-E800
No picture – screen is empty. Sound is ok
Check IC101 (BA7630F), if video signal comes to input (pin 1) but not present at output (pin 14) then replace this IC

Panasonic Video Model: NVHD650B
Fault code F80. works occassionally then doesnt work at all
There is a plastic piece on the motor which rotates when you press play or eject. A plastic cap fits on the spindle of the motor. This slips and doesnt grip the motor hence does not turn the drive gears. Just glue or replace the part (use loctite or super glue)

Philips TV (A10 Chassis)
Procedure to view customer service menu
Press Mute button on handset and any button on the TV, hold for a few seconds and menu will appear

Ferguson Video Model: FV105HV
Vcr dead, slow oscillation in p.s.u
Replace CP007 and CP008 close to the U4614B (Found this tip posted under Thomson VPH6601 which seems to have the same PSU)

Philips TV Model: 32PW6526-05 (SA10E Chassis)
Procedure to exit child lock with pin unknown / “locked” displayed on screen
Switch set on, press menu, select feature and press enter, select parental lock and press enter, then enter the code 0, 7, 1, 1 twice, the lock should now have cleared

Fermendi TV (F19 Chassis)
Procedure to invoke service mode
I have used this method and it works (supplied from the makers manual). With tv off, hold volume up button on tv, switch tv on and keep holding volume up button whilst pressing standby on remote (this must be done within 4 secs of switch on) at no time let volume go, press the yellow memory button on the handset to store

Toshiba TV Model: 28W23B (11AK37 Chassis)
Procedure to enter the service mode
Press the menu button then 4,7,2,5

Toshiba TV Model: 28W23B (11AK37 Chassis)
Picture displaced vertically, picture too high or low
This problem was cured by entering the service mode (menu then 4,7,2,5), then pressing the green fastext button to access geometry settings, selecting VP1 (vertical position) and adjusting as necessary

Sony TV (BE3D Chassis)
Procedure to enter the service mode
Press standby, i, 5, vol+ and tv (TT should now be displayed on the screen indicating the set is in the service mode)

Grundig TV (CUC7301/3 Chassis)
Power supply blown
This is often caused by a dry joint at C669 in the snubber network but also check the mains bridge rectifiers reservoir capacitor (47uF, 385v) for o/c, this item is not included in the ususal p.s.u repair kits and if not checked may result in a repeat blow up !

Sony TV Model: KV32TS20
Dead no click, Q502, Q601, Q602 shorted and blown fuse 602
Change all the above parts and also check R647, C512, C525, D607, D608, D609, D610, D622, VDR601 off primary side of T605. I`ve also found T605 bad too. ToughDog, Sony has bulletin out on this model