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Do You Have a Corporate Integrity Agreement with Oig

Do You Have a Corporate Integrity Agreement with OIG?

If you work in the healthcare industry, you may have heard the term “Corporate Integrity Agreement” (CIA) before. But what exactly is a CIA, and why might your organization need one?

OIG: The Enforcer of Healthcare Integrity

First, let`s review what the OIG is. The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is a government organization that provides oversight for various federal agencies, including those in the healthcare industry. One of the OIG`s main functions is to investigate fraud and abuse in healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

When the OIG identifies potential violations, it may enter into settlements with organizations to resolve the issues. One of the types of settlements that the OIG may negotiate is a Corporate Integrity Agreement.

What is a Corporate Integrity Agreement?

A Corporate Integrity Agreement is a legally binding agreement between an organization and the OIG. The agreement outlines specific actions that the organization must take to ensure compliance with federal healthcare regulations and laws.

The specific requirements of a CIA can vary depending on the circumstances of the case. However, some common requirements might include:

- Establishing a compliance program and designating a compliance officer

- Conducting regular internal audits and reporting the results to the OIG

- Hiring an independent review organization (IRO) to review and monitor the organization`s compliance with the CIA

- Conducting employee training on healthcare fraud and abuse

Why Would an Organization Enter into a CIA?

Organizations may enter into a CIA as part of a settlement with the OIG to resolve allegations of fraud or abuse. By entering into a CIA, the organization agrees to take specific actions to prevent future violations and demonstrate its commitment to compliance.

In some cases, the OIG may require an organization to enter into a CIA as part of a plea agreement to resolve criminal charges related to healthcare fraud or abuse.

What Happens if an Organization Doesn`t Comply with a CIA?

If an organization fails to comply with a CIA, it could face penalties such as fines or exclusion from federal healthcare programs. Additionally, failure to comply could result in further investigations and potentially more severe consequences.

In short, if your organization has entered into a CIA with the OIG, it is crucial to take the requirements seriously and ensure compliance to avoid further issues.


Corporate Integrity Agreements are one tool that the OIG may use to promote compliance with federal healthcare regulations and laws. If your organization has entered into a CIA, it is important to understand the requirements and take them seriously to avoid potential penalties and further investigations.

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