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Breach of Contract Sample Letter

Breach of Contract Sample Letter: How to Write a Professional and Effective Correspondence

A breach of contract is a serious legal issue that can cause major inconvenience and losses to a business or an individual. Whether you are the party that has breached the contract or the one that has been affected by the breach, it is crucial to take swift and appropriate action to resolve the situation. One of the key steps to take is to send a breach of contract sample letter to the other party, outlining the problem and your expectations for rectifying it. In this article, we will provide you with tips and guidelines on how to write a professional and effective breach of contract letter.

Step 1: Gather the Facts

Before you start writing the letter, make sure you have all the facts and evidence that support your claim of a breach of contract. Review the contract terms and conditions and identify the specific clauses that have been violated. Collect any correspondence, invoices, receipts, or other documents that relate to the contract and the breach. This will help you to provide a clear and concise summary of the situation in your letter.

Step 2: Determine the Tone and Content

The tone of your letter will depend on the severity of the breach and your relationship with the other party. If the breach is minor and you have a good working relationship with the other party, you may want to use a more friendly and informal tone. If the breach is significant and you have a more formal or legal relationship, you should use a more professional and assertive tone. In either case, your letter should be clear, concise, and factual.

The content of your letter should include the following:

- A clear statement of the breach and the specific contract provisions that have been violated

- A description of the losses or damages you have suffered as a result of the breach

- A statement of your expectations for rectifying the breach, such as compensation, termination of the contract, or performance of the contractual obligation

- A deadline for the other party to respond or rectify the breach

- A warning of further legal action if the breach is not resolved within the deadline

Step 3: Format the Letter

Your breach of contract sample letter should have a clear and professional format. It should include the date, your name and address, the recipient`s name and address, and a subject line that summarizes the purpose of the letter. Use clear and concise language and avoid using legal jargon or complex sentences.

Step 4: Review and Edit the Letter

Before sending your letter, make sure to review and edit it carefully. Check for spelling and grammar errors, and ensure that all the facts and evidence are accurate and complete. Have a colleague or a legal expert review the letter to ensure its legal accuracy and effectiveness.

Step 5: Send the Letter

Once you are satisfied with the letter, send it to the other party through registered mail or email. Keep a copy for your records.


A breach of contract can have serious legal and financial consequences. Sending a breach of contract sample letter is an important step in resolving the situation and protecting your rights. By following the tips and guidelines we have provided in this article, you can write a professional and effective letter that communicates your expectations and demands for rectifying the breach. Remember to keep the tone professional and the content factual, and seek legal advice if necessary.