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Agreement Switzerland Uk

As the deadline for the UK to leave the European Union (EU) looms, negotiations with Switzerland have taken on added significance. Switzerland is not a member of the EU, but has a range of agreements with it. The UK has been working to replicate many of these agreements in order to maintain close economic ties with Switzerland.

One of the most important agreements between the two countries is the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), which covers various product sectors such as machinery, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. The MRA helps ensure that products tested and certified in one country can be sold in the other without additional testing and certification requirements, saving time and money for businesses on both ends.

The UK and Switzerland have also agreed to a trade continuity agreement, which will come into force in the event of a no-deal Brexit. This agreement replicates many of the existing trade provisions between the two countries, including the elimination of tariffs on most goods and the maintenance of existing quotas for certain agricultural products.

These agreements are crucial for UK businesses that rely on exports to Switzerland, particularly in the pharmaceutical and financial sectors. Around 5,000 UK companies do business with Switzerland, with total trade between the two countries worth around £32 billion in 2018.

However, there are still areas of uncertainty in the UK-Switzerland relationship. One issue is the future of British citizens living and working in Switzerland, and Swiss citizens living and working in the UK. The two countries have yet to agree on a reciprocal agreement that would guarantee citizens` rights in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Another concern is the status of the UK`s participation in the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA), which includes Switzerland. The UK has stated its desire to remain a member of the ECAA, but this will require agreement from the EU and Switzerland.

Overall, the UK-Switzerland relationship is a key piece of the puzzle as the UK seeks to establish new trade relationships following Brexit. The agreements already in place provide a solid foundation, but further negotiations will be needed to ensure that all aspects of the relationship are secure and beneficial for both sides.